Artists: Sherrie Nickol and David Katzenstein

The Silhouettes project is a collaboration between Artists Sherrie Nickol and David Katzenstein. Over a three year period they worked together photographing over 2500 real people in their New York City studio against a white background. One of the themes that they explored was how human forms and shapes stand out as silhouettes. By removing color and details the subjects are stripped down to simplified forms of themselves. 

The exhibition Black on White, which grew out of Katzenstein’s and Nickol’s silhouette project, will be on view at Bar Thalia @ Symphony Space in New York City from June 12 - September 12, 2014. These silhouettes serve as a study about shape and form. When the photographers backlit their subjects, gestures and movements became simplified and magnified at the same time. Shown together, the silhouettes take on a cohesiveness as their subjects are flattened against the same white plane.

For inquiries regarding print sales and exhibitions contact / 212 529-9460

Prices for the editions of archival pigment prints begin at:

Print Size: 12x18”    Edition of 25    $750 Unframed / $900 Framed

Print Size: 24x36”    Edition of 10    $1900 Mounted and Framed

Print Size: 36x48     Edition of 6       $4100 Mounted and Framed

Note: All prints are editioned and signed on reverse and are archivally mounted and framed in black wood.